If you’re interested in becoming a driver/broker with CVC Limited you can apply on-line (see the form below).

Who is CVC?

CVC Limited is a rush courier operating out of Brampton, Ontario since 1983.  Primarily we handle letters and documents, but also carry small parcels and boxes.

Area of coverage

CVC Limited covers the Greater Toronto Area and all areas of Southern Ontario.  The majority of our runs are to the areas within the Greater Toronto Area.

Hours of Work

We work from 8AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday.  There are occasions when you will be asked to work outside of these hours, but in those cases you will be given as much notice as possible.

Driver Responsibilities

As an owner/operator you are responsible for all expenses, including gas, maintenance, parking, etc.  There my be some tax incentives available to you, but you should consult your own expert for information regarding this.

We require reliable, self-motivated drivers with a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills.  You need a reliable small car and a smart phone.  If you’re interested, please complete the following form.

We guarantee 100% privacy.  Your information will not be shared.  You will be asked to come in for an interview and training.

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Driver Application
Note that part time is NOT hours per day. Part time drivers usually get called to work full days, from 8AM to 5PM, 4 to 7 days per month.
We are a car courier, so smaller cars are best. We don't need vans or trucks, and the cost of operating them would be prohibitive.
You will be asked to provide proof