Fuel Surcharge

Fuel represents a significant cost in providing transportation services and we want to ensure that what you’re charged is fair and reasonable. To accomplish this CVC uses a Variable Fuel Surcharge based on publicly available reports from the Government of Ontario.  Our surcharge is adjusted every week so that when the price of fuel changes, either up or down, our prices reflect those changes.  Overnight deliveries called in on a Friday will be charged at the rate in effect when they are called in.

The surcharge is added when fuel costs reach $1.00 per litre.  Below that price there is no surcharge.  We’ve broken the price of fuel into 5¢ increments.  For each incremental increase a surcharge is added to all delivery costs.  There’s a chart at the bottom of this page which shows the price trigger points and the surcharge that is applied.

On the first workday of each week we calculate what the surcharge will be, based on the price of fuel for the previous week as reported on the Ontario Ministry of Energy web site, and adjust our surcharge, up or down, accordingly.

We have prepared a printable chart with price examples  so you can see what the costs will be for a delivery at the various surcharge rates.  Of course you can always just ask us the price when you call your order in – anyone here will be more than happy to assist you.

Fuel Surcharge Points
Gas Price% Surcharge
Less than $1.000%
$1 to $1.053%
$1.06 to $1.105%
$1.11 to $1.157%
$1.16 to $1.209%
$1.21 to $1.2511%
$1.26 to $1.3013%
$1.31 to $1.3515%
$1.36 to $1.4017%
$1.41 to $1.4519%
$1.46 to $1.5021%
Price Triggers and Surcharge Rates subject to change without notice.